We offer

Kayak tours on Pliszka, Ilanka and Odra rivers.

  • We organize predesigned:
    • team building / company events
    • family / informal group events
    • individual tours
  • 1 or 2 day tours
  • Kayaking for beginners, experienced and avid paddlers
  • Experienced tour operators that can help you choose the right trail
  • Participants and equipment transportation
  • Kayak and equipment rental:
    • new polyethynele kayaks
    • single, double kayaks, canoes
    • fishing boats
    • top quality kayak equipment- safety jackets, wooden and aluminium paddles, watertight bags and containers, lines
  • Organization of corporate and private events
  • Catering

Price list

double kayak 50 pln (+ transport costs)
single kayak 40 pln (+ transport costs)
2+1 kayak
(2 adults + 1 kid up to 8 years old)
70 pln (+ transport costs)
canoe 80 pln (+ transport costs)
fishing boat 50 pln (+ transport costs)
Transport cost of participants as well as of equipment is given by request.
Special offer for tour organisers
Bonuses for large groups and multiday trips
Big bonuses for regular customers
50% discount for the disabled participants


Pliszka river

List of recommended routes for kayak trips:

Kosobudki – Drzewce, 4h / 4km

very difficult yet very short trail. We recommend it to most experienced paddlers. As it is not very popular it is the least "cleared" trail. This route goes through the wildest terrain.

Drzewce – Pliszka the bridge, 5h / 12km

difficult trail recommneded to paddlers with some experience, with a lot of topped trees. Section starts in the remote village of Drzewce. During the trip we will have an opportunity to break through the Turzycowa Łąka, an extremely picturesque sedge field, where awaits us the labirynth of luxuriously green plant life. The section takes 2,5 hours to pass. As there is hardly any shadow, don't forget about sunrotection. The trip ends at the bridge in the Pliszka settlement.

Pliszka (the settlement) – Gądków Wielki, Wooden Bridge, 3h / 7km

very easy route, espiecially recommended to beginners, big groups and families. Picturesque, stunning and rich in plant life- perfect for your first kayak experience. There are almost no topped trees along the way which makes the trip very pleasent and relaxing. On your way you will pass the unique Ratno lake. The trip will finish at our Kayak pier -Wooden Bridge, situated right before Wielickie lake. Upon request the trip may end up with a campfire.

Gądków Wielki, Wooden Bridge - Old Mill Kokoszki, 5h / 9km

easy/ medium hard, we can easily call it our favorite trail. Right after we cross the first dam behind the Wielickie lake the river gathers pace. We paddle through a picturesque canyon with fast current, wide river bed and low water level. The trail finishes on the 1-metr high cascade that is safe and recommended to jump of. This dam can be also bypassed. You can be sure to find topped trees on your way. This route is a must-see on Pliszka river, unforgetable experience guaranteed.

Gądków Wielki, Wooden Bridge – Sądów, 9h / 16km

extremely difficult route. Another 4 h/7 km of extreme paddling to the above mentioned trip. Right from the Old Mill Kokoszki the river flow accelerates, the number of falen trees becomes overwhelming. Not only it requires experience but also great stamina. Along the way we pass another mill's ruins-Bełcze. It is not possible to make a jump from this dam as there are sharp remains of the mill in the riverbed as well as the cascade itself is too high. This endurancce trip wil finish in the village of Sądów, in the kayak pier of Forest Administration.

Sądów – Koziczyn 3h/6km – Urad 6h/11km – Odra 6,5h/13,5km

fairly simple, enjoyable and rather effortless. The trip may be terminated in different spots. As we start off in Sądów we may finish 3-hour trip in Koziczyn or flow along to the last settlement on the Pliszka river, Urad. You can also make your finish line in the old river port on the Odra river.On your way from Sądów to Odra you will come across a dozen of fallen trees, depending on the water level. This trail may be easy but thanks to its uniqness it is also worth to encounter.

Most of the above mentioned trails can be altered. We are always open to your requests and suggestions. As it is our focus to let all our guests enjoy their kayak experience, the trails we recommened are thoroughly thought through and planned. Don't hesitate, call or email us and go with the flow of the unforgetable Pliszka river.

Paddler's guide

Below you will find our list of dos and don'ts essential to make your paddling experience safe and enjoyable. Right equipment as well as preparation are your bare necessities for a successful kayak tour. As much as we love kayaking as sports we should never forget that water is a force of nature and therefore rules by its law. Taken for granted, can unpleasantly surprise you.


When we enter forrest in a kayak one must remember that they are guests in here. The greedy hands of humankind haven't been able to take this place under control. Thus, it is worth to get to know a handful of tips that are mentioned below.

Commandor in chief

A basic rule at any kayak tour is to give in to the most experienced paddler, a commandor or your group. There is no place for ignorance or recklessness.

The first and the last tandem

We should always appoint a person /boat that will open the tour and is to remain in front of the group. Their role is to keep all the participants at the back and inform them of the upcoming obstacles, and thus help navigate. The other role that is worth to mention is the last tandem, the sweeper boat. They stay on the last position, purposefully stay behind in order to help the ones that cannot keep up the pace. When the sweeper boat reaches the destination, the trip organiser can be sure that everybody is safe and that the trip can be finished.

A tip from an expert

Each section of the river is specific. The length, duration, number of fallen trees, presence of cascades and other objects on the river differ. Mind you though, what we recommend is not new to us both as trip organizers and active paddlers. Our tips are not just a salesman spiel, it is our intension for you to arrive safely and fully satisfied.


Another important aspect is equipment.Our main focus is high season. On one hand you want to be ready for all seasons, on the other, you don't want to get overloaded with stuff. Each kilogram when you paddle and carry the kayak through is a balast cargo and trust us, it will be of a problem.

Protection and gear

When starting a kayak trip you must realize you are to be out on the water. Security vest, you will be given from us, should not be treated as a cushion or ballast cargo. You are supposed to put it on. Security vest offers you self-trust and protection, especially when you enter a lake or deeper section of a river. Bare feet are also a no-go as there may be rough stones or broken glass on river bottom. On warm days best choice are sandals. Pick clothes suitable for the current weather, but take something for rainy or colder weather aswell.


Catering services are available upon request.